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Foley First is the audio post-production studio providing Foley recording, editing, premixing and sound effects editing services to the mixers and sound editors around the world. We are the team, delivering Foley for feature and short films, series, documentaries, animation, and other media and shows. We do what we love working in the industry for more than 15 years. And we never stop learning to make the shows sound better than ever. Variety of props, any kind of surfaces, and acoustically prepared Foley stages are what we have. All that together with our creative thinking allow us to deliver top-notch Foley at the rates of low-budget projects. You get more than you expect. Always.

We deliver Foleys worldwide. Working with us is easy and fast. You no longer need to spend much money on Foley, use human and technical resources in your country. For sure, our rates and the quality of our services will be more attractive to you.

We know how important it is to meet the deadlines on time. Working in super tight schedules is what we can and what we do!

As we are in the industry not only as Foley guys, we know how Foley should sound in the mix. It is extremely important for us to be sure that you are happy with the work we do. That is why we welcome your notes.



Yuri Pridachin

Yuri Pridachin

Own and operate, Re-recording mixer, Foley artist

Victor Krasheninnikov

Victor Krasheninnikov

Foley mixer

Dmitri Alexeev

Dmitri Alexeev

Foley artist / Foley mixer

Vladimir Smagin

Vladimir Smagin

Foley editor

Sergey Klimentovsky

Sergey Klimentovsky

Senior Foley editor

Anna Pridachina

Anna Pridachina

Project manager




"Spring Sparrow" (feature, CH) - in covering
"Mis 500 Locos" (feature, DR) - in covering
"Der Lack Ist Ab" (series, GB)
"Home" (short, US)
"The Sound Of Masks" (documentary, PT)
"Brango" (video, US)
"Closing The Gap" (documentary, CA)
"Epiphany" (feature, US)
"Meridian" (short, CA)
"Refuge In The Rockies" (documentary, CA)
"The Outpost" (10 episodes, US)
"The Outpost" (2 episodes, US) SFX
"Instinct" (short, CH) Foley, SFX
"Frozen" (short, CH) Foley, SFX
"Plum Raindrops" (short, CH) Foley, SFX
"Leader" (short, CH) Foley, SFX
"Family of Three" (short, CH) Foley, SFX
"Red Night" (short, CH) Foley, SFX
"The Emperor’s Newest Clothes!" (animation, US)
"A Bread Factory" (long feature, US)
"Let's get epic!" (episode, US)
"In Emma's footsteps" (feature film, US)
"Half" (short, CH)
"Hot-Pot" (short, CH)
"Adults" (short, CH)
"Mita" (short, CH)
"The Caravan" (16 episodes, RU)
"P.N." (16 episodes, RU)


"Der Lack Ist Ab" (episodes, DE)
"My Brother the Time Traveler (long feature, US)
"Little Women" (long feature, US)
"Two Brothers" (long feature, PT)
"Carlos" (short, US)
"Medical Drama" (short, CA)
"The Drive" (7 episodes, CA)
"Tudo Bom Tudo Bem" (long feature, BR)
"Instrument of War" (long feature, US)
"Fault Condition" (long feature, RO)
"Alfama Em Si" (long feature, PT)
"An Obstinate Man" (short, US)
"Luk'Luk'l" (long feature, CA)
"Ramiro" (long feature, PT)
"A day in November" (short, GT)
"Snake Heel" (short, US)
"A Backward Glance" (short, CA)
"Mother Of All Fears" (short, UK)
"VR" (short, CA)
"Paulette Dans Paris" (short, FR)
"Kudzu" (short, US)
"Closer" (music video, CA)
"untitled" (commercial, US)
"Tot, kto ne spit" (5 episodes, UA)
"Ostrov Rikotu" (long feature, RU)
"Circus" (16 episodes, RU)
"Manyashino Ozero" (long feature, RU)
"Parmskie Fialki" (12 episodes, RU)
"Dom s oknami v Pole" (short, RU)
"Yearning" (short, RU)
"Kinopoeziya" (short, RU)
"Leo i Uragan" (short, RU)
"Doktor Lyubov" (short, RU)



  • from
  • * high detailed full coverage
  • * includes editing / fine spotting
  • * post-processing


  • from
  • * multi-layered hard effects


  • from
  • * Foley and effects premixing
  • * vol / pan / EQ / reverb / etc
  • * delivers PT12 or Nuendo 8

Sound effects editing

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