PT12 VS Nuendo 7.1 Comparison test. Who is faster in offline bouncing?

Июн 2, 2019 | Blog

Hi there!
Everybody knows that Pro Tools is an audio post production industry standard and most sound guys love (or forced) to use it. And we are not an exception to these rules. Sometimes we use it for Foley works. But as the fans of Nuendo, we were always interested to compare these two famous DAWs. In the first test, we were comparing DAW’s launch speed and the results were as follows: 42 seconds is Pro Tools and 23 seconds is Nuendo. The Nuendo was the winner. Based on i5 4th gen Windows 10 x64.
Let’s see who is faster in offline bounce processing.
We used absolutely clean sessions imported with 50min duration AAF. These results a little bit confused us.

Yuri, Foley First

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